Thursday, July 15, 2010

First Posting Ever

I have to admit, that this is all a bit overwhelming for me. Over the past six months of so, I've enjoyed following many of you but I've never had the confidence to write or blog myself. What was I waiting for? I've learned so much and received so many tips and resources for myself as an educator and for my students. Hopefully I can now pass some of these tips onto others that are just getting their feet wet.

I love teaching and I'm always looking for new ideas to keep learning relevant and applicable to the students' and their lives. Last year I used wikis exclusively for literature groups and got so much more out of the students than I had ever had before. Especially the students who don't speak up much in a group, often times have lots to say in the comfort of their own home sitting by their computer. I could quickly analyze the responses and see who needed to work on what i.e. inferencing difficulties, theme, author's purpose... I'd like to use them again this fall but maybe there are some other ideas out there as to how I could change it up a bit. If you'd like to see an example go to: Especially look at the discussion page. I even had a student contact Jeanne Du Prau while we were reading City of Ember this past year. He arranged for us to Skype with her so the students could ask her questions that they had while reading the book. Not only did we learn a lot about this author but everyone learned how to Skype which I'll save for a later post. Here are a few pictures/videos of this particular experience:

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